Yes or no?

I have this feeling that I don´t know if I dare to tell you. Is my feelings true or fales, that is a question that i´m asking my self. Maby one day my wish will become true and i´ll get what i want. I hope i´m not going to give up. I have support from very close people, and for that i´m very thankfull. And they have also told me not to give up. So I think i´m going til follow their advise. Please give me some more posetiv thoughts, I realy need them !!!

Pyss Pyss...

Postat av: J

Följ hjärtat and never give up på någonting du vill nå. <3

2010-04-29 @ 07:57:25
Postat av: Linn

Du är min älskade syster <3 tror alltid på dig o stöttar dig så gott jag kan :)

2010-04-29 @ 20:31:28

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